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Happy Birthday to Me

A recipe today. A salad that is healthy. Kind of. For the most part.
Fresh spinach. Grape or cherry tomatoes. Bacon. Salt to taste.
I planted spinach last fall, in containers on the deck. I had six containers, but the squirrels dug up three. Still, the three remaining containers did very well. I have treated myself a few times already with this salad, and since it's my birthday, I am going to have it tonight.

Serves 1.
Cook 2 slices of bacon till crisp. Drain on paper towels, reserving the grease.
Wash the spinach(about 1 1/2 to 2 cups) and dry. I don't even cut it up if the leaves are small.
Wash the tomatoes. I use 10 to 15 for an individual salad.
Toss the spinach and tomatoes together.
Re-heat the bacon grease until very hot. Almost to the smoke point. Pour the grease quickly over the spinach and tomatoes. I never use all of it. Only a tablespoon or so. It should wilt the spinach slightly. Crumble up the bacon and scatter on the salad. Taste it before salting. It may not need it. Eat immediately.

I'm sure most people would look at the bacon and immediately shun this salad. But the spinach has only 13 calories and no fat; also a large amount of vitamin B(folate) and vitamin C. The tomatoes have Vitamin A and C and are rich in lycopene which is an antioxidant. They also have a low gylcemic index and are low calorie. Depending on the bacon, the calories aren't all that high. And it is so good.

About squirrels. We have a number of bird feeders in the yard that attract a variety of birds. They also attract squirrels. My mother has a running battle going with them and she rarely wins. She has greased poles with vasoline, she has added cayenne pepper to the seed mix, she has tried to hang feeders from limbs that she thinks the squirrels can't reach. We have purchased "squirrel-proof feeders". She has purchased the sticky traps that are used to catch rats. She sees them on the feeders and runs out the doors screaming, "You git from here!" They run far enough away to feel safe and wait for her to go back in the house. But she has finally gotten her revenge.

I was home for lunch and was checking something on the computer when suddenly there was country music blaring. It was only on for a few seconds, then silence. I thought it was coming from the computer. I found nothing. After about 5 minutes, it happened again, for a few quick seconds and I was trying to figure out what was going on, when I looked out the window. There was a paper plate loaded with sunflower seeds and my mother's radio sitting right next to it. I got up and went over to her kitchen, where I found her laughing hysterically. She had plugged her radio into a surge protector and run the cord into the house. She turned the power off and waited. Two squirrels approached the plate and while they were sitting eating the seeds, she turned the surge protector on. The squirrels did a vertical leap and headed for the oak tree in the backyard. My mother said they were knocking each other out of the way as they ran and both leapt at the tree and fell off, before scrambling back up it.

The squirrels came back, of course. But my mother had a marvelous time that afternoon, trying to scare them into heart attacks. So while the squirrels are still winning, she now feels like she has at least gotten some of her own back again.


Blogger Monica said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Its Mine also on this day!!!

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. Substiute squirrel insted of bacon in your salad. Also a comment on reaheating or superheating bacon grease, this causes the preservitive Sodium Nitrate to become potentially more carcinigenic. If squirrel doesn't appeal to your taste you can have alot of fun with a clay pigon thrower with a little bird seed on it. Use your imagination. Larry C. from Illinois.

8:17 PM  

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