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I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Did I miss the memo?

I am in quite a mood today.
I will admit that I have days when I am not people-friendly for no particular reason. I recognize that particular mood well and when it is on me, I voluntarily limit my contact with others for their own good.
But today has been the type of day that makes me feel a memo was sent to my family, co-workers, and the general population agreeing that everyone would go out of their way to be stupid, dense, vague, helpless and generally incompetent so as to use up every ounce of tolerance and patience I have at my disposal.

Was I the only person that brought my brain to work with me today?
Have I mistakenly entered a parallel universe where the highest IQ is 70?
Was there a drug party this weekend that everyone in the metro area was invited to but me?
Is my tinfoil hat working so much better than everyone else's at keeping out the alien brain rays that suck all sense out of human beings.
What is going on with these people?

I have had 24 calls so far today. And not one, not one of them has been rational. The secretary from the solicitor's office has called four times today asking me questions that she either already had an answer to or that she properly should have asked the solicitor. The files brought up by the clerk's office have all had senseless paperwork errors, the judge's calendar wasn't properly marked, so I had to wait until I could talk to him to get the information I needed to finish my work. The jail staff, known for their linear thought processes, refused to follow a specific order issued by the judge on a case because there was an outstanding warrant on the case that the order specifically dealt with. I just asked the judge to let me do what I call, "The words of one syllable order" to make them happy. There have been docketing errors which I discovered only after I called a firm and asked them why someone from their office did not appear at a hearing last Friday. The reason was the docketing errors. Everyone here seems to be walking (floating?) around like refugees from La-La Land. All I get are blank stares and sheepish grins when I ask a question or bring up something that was supposed to be have been done that hasn't been done.
I hate it when days like this happen. I feel isolated from people because I seem to be the only one able to function. I would say it was my imagination, but if it is, why is everyone coming to me to solve their problems and correct their mistakes?
Helping people is not a problem. It is a part of my job. I am not inclined, however, to do someone else's work for them unless there is a pressing reason. But even more, I really dislike having to spend time correcting other people's mistakes and fixing other people's errors when I have work of my own that I need to finish.

I am frustrated, irritated, aggravated and annoyed. I just want to make it through the rest of this day without snarling at or chewing on someone. With my luck, it will probably be the wrong person and I'll then be able to add "guilty" to the list of how I feel today.


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