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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I think most English-speaking people have heard the idiom, "Let sleeping dogs lie".
I never took the time to really analyze it; I just assumed it meant that some things were best left undisturbed.

Like this:
Big old dog is lying on his side on the porch in the shade, sleeping deep.
The kid picks up a stick and pokes at the dog. The dog grunts a little, but doesn't wake.
The kid pokes a little harder. The dog opens his eyes and barely lifts his head, then lies down and goes back to sleep.
The kid jabs at the dog. The dog lifts his head and looks at the kid. Then lies down again and goes back to sleep.
The kid raps the dog lightly on the rear. The dog rolls onto his stomach and stares hard at the kid. Then puts his head down on his paws and closes his eyes.
The kid whacks the dog on the head. The dog leaps up, chases the kid around the yard and takes a bite out of his butt.
Kid has the nerve to look surprised!

Some lessons to be learned according to Mom:

For the dog-If you had bothered to get up and chase him off the second or even the third time he bothered you, both of you would have been better off. Ignoring a bully does not work. It only emboldens him.

For the kid-People who look for trouble usually find it. And then wish they hadn't.


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