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I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


The Mexi Man

One of the members of the INTJ list calls himself Mexigogue. He has his own blog (see the blog list on the sidebar). He and another member of the list called laconis (see sidebar again) are the reason I finally decided to begin blogging myself.

He is an interesting person. I can't claim that I know him very well, but I think I have learned enough about him and his interests to form at least an adequate understanding of the person he is.
He makes me think of the term "Renaissance man". He blogs about pool and beer drinking, Dostoevsky, the homeless, Jesse Jackson, welfare and personal responsibility, guilt and altruism, murder and taxes and dumb girlfriends. All in a few weeks time. Sometimes insightful, sometimes serious, sometimes angry, sometimes hilarious. He does not fit any standard mold and his takes on some subjects makes me think he is observing from entirely different angle-say like on his head or around a corner or under a chair.
If a judgment can be made about a man by observing his friends, then I would say he inspires loyalty from an pretty eclectic bunch. Both in his posts referencing his friends and in the comments posted by his friends, there is an obvious camaraderie that includes laughing at each other, poking at each other, insulting each other, yet still remaining friends. The real thing.
He has an outrageous sense of humor that almost never fails to make me laugh.
He cares about his children and what they will become. He believes in taking care of his own.
He is male, Hispanic, Muslim, semi-northern(not born there), divorced (at least once), he was raised in a single parent household.
I am female, white, Christian, southern, married for 30 years, had both parents until last year.
There are other differences, but I think these will be enough to lead to the point.
I agree with his point of view and his opinions frequently. Having read all his archives and reading his blog every day, I have found a similarity of outlook that surprises me. Because by the standard of conventional wisdom that culture influences our beliefs and based on our cultural differences, we shouldn't agree on much of anything. Even having the same personality profile isn't a sufficient explanation for me as to why I find myself in agreement with him so much. There are other INTJs who don't think the same way at all. How is it that two people so culturally different could have similar opinions and ideas?


Blogger Mexigogue said...

Oh my god. This is my first time having read this post. I am astounded. I would love to meet this guy! :-D

Seriously thank you it's often difficult to imagine what I look like from the eyes of others. Uber cool!!

7:30 AM  

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