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Another bomb threat today.

1:40 pm-"Don't you know you are supposed to be evacuating the building? "
"Sure I know. That's why I'm just sitting here."

So we all go down the hall again, down the emergency stairwell and out the door into the judge's parking lot, out the gate and across the road.
Thankfully there are trees to provide shade. It's pretty hot. The deputy assigned to our courtroom makes a point to move us away from the area we stood in before. He is more concerned about the potential for something happening once we are outside than he is about someone being able to smuggle something dangerous inside to use. I had a book in my pocketbook, so I had something to occupy my time.
Emergency vehicles showed up and the access roads were blocked properly. But still it took almost two hours for the building to be searched and secured.
I think this is going to become a common occurrence. Whoever is doing this isn't doing it for a prank. Whoever is doing this isn't doing it for the power rush. And I don't think the person/persons doing it really intend to do any harm. I think there is another purpose altogether. We shall see.
The U.S. Marshals were here last week, asking questions about security in the offices. They have been asked to come and assess our security. The ones I have dealt with have been very professional and very courteous. Let's see if any of their suggestions for improvement are taken.


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