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The Blame Game--

When I first began working at the Courthouse, I worked in one of the Clerk's offices. The management style there was unexpected. The office I first worked in had four people. It stayed open during lunch, so someone always had to be there. There was not a lot of business done during lunch, so it was usually a good time to catch up if you were behind in your paperwork.
Once during my week to take the lunch shift, I had finished all of my own work, so I went to the front desk and picked up the two day backlog of docketing from it, thinking that I would help get it caught up. As I was sorting through the papers, I saw a time-sensitive document that had been filed in the day before that should have been turned over to a supervisor for immediate action. I called the supervisor on duty and let her know what I had and that time was running out. I waited for her to give me some instruction as to what she wanted me to do in order to get this document properly taken care, but this is what she said,
"Who is responsible for this mistake?"
What? What? Here is a document that needs to be handled immediately and her first concern is exacting retribution?
I told her that I didn't know who had filed it in, but I did need to know what to do with it and I needed to know now.
She finally came down and took care of it herself, but I thought for a long time about her response and I have never forgotten the incident.
I came to learn that her attitude was not unusual in the office. But I have never understood it. All I could see was that the document needed to be handled and that should have been the priority. All she could see was that someone had to be blamed. Totally illogical. And useless.


Blogger RP said...

That is a typical CYA attitude among lawyers and courthouses. It doesn't matter about the mistake, as long as you can't be blamed for it. In fact, I am having that kind of day right now, the kind of day that totally makes me reconsider the practice of law.

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