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Location: Georgia, United States

I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Favorite Authors-Classics-Lewis Carroll

Thanks to Disney, it seems that most people think of Lewis Carroll only as being an author of children's books. I first read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass when I was about ten years old. I rediscovered them when I had children and found in him a wonderful sense of the ridiculous that an adult with an appreciation for subtlety can find enjoyment in.

This is my personal favorite:
"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that."
And there is this:
"If everybody minded their own business," the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, "the world would go round a deal faster than it does."
And this:
"One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take? she asked. Where do you want to go? was his response. I don't know, Alice answered. Then, said the cat, it doesn't matter. "


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