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What is your problem?

Location: Georgia, United States

I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Looking at the Numbers

The current U.S. population as of now according to this site- http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html is 296,449,069.
Approximately 60 million are under the age of 18, that leaves around 237,000,000 adults
According to MBTI statistics-
NTs make up about 12% of the general adult population 28,000,000
INTJs are about 2% of the general adult population-4,740,000
Male INTJs account for about two-thirds of that number-3,128,400
and females one third-1,621,600.
Working with these numbers, female INTJ's make up less than one percent of the adult US population. Seven-tenths percent to narrow it a little further.
No wonder I have always felt so different and out of place.


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