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The Office of the Presidency

I posted this today on the INTJ list and felt that it was something that I put some passion into. In consideration of my post on Sunday last, I wanted to post it here also. I felt and even now, feel more passion about the topic than I was able to put into the posting.

Another list member wrote this in response to a thread about presidents and lying

Clinton was also stupid to lie about the BJ. It was a pointless lie and Hilary should have know better than to let him do it. However, I also believe what he lied about was something that was between him, Hilary and Monica and was not of National Security. It was blown way out of porportion and was distracting from important issues----
This was my response----

I would agree with what you said about it being his business(and the others) but for a few things-
I am not a party-affiliated person and I'm willing to accept whomever is elected and give them a chance to see how they do the job. When the business with ML came out, I really didn't care about what he was doing as much as where he did it. Having a tawdry little affair means nothing to me personally. Bringing that tawdry little affair into the Oval Office meant a great deal.
Having an intern give you a blow job in the same office where John Kennedy's children played, where Franklin Roosevelt worked, where Abraham Lincoln mourned the death of his son was incredibly offensive to me. It showed an unbelievable lack of respect for history and for the men who had been there before him. It also showed either unfounded arrogance or crass stupidity. Perhaps I expected too much, but I would never have expected a man who had come as far in politics as he had to be lacking in the art of calculating political risks. He was either too stupid to figure out what a risk he was taking, too arrogant to believe it would do him any harm, or too glandularly challenged to think at all. I have little to no respect for powerful people who can't keep their own stupidity, arrogance or glandular problems sufficiently under control. A study of effective tyrants will show people who were able to do just that. When they fail to do it, they fall.
I love history. I am intrigued by the people who make their mark on it and how they do it. And even when I don't agree with someone's ideology, I can admire how well they use what comes their way to achieve their goals.
Ruthless effectiveness used to reach a desired goal has a beauty of it's own even if the goal achieved is a distasteful one from my personal perspective.
One last thing that bears on this-
"The presidency is not merely an administrative office. That's the least of it...It is pre-eminently a place of moral leadership."--Franklin Roosevelt

If you know the history of American presidents-and putting all other facets of their presidency aside-figure out for yourself how many of them grasped this and how many didn't. Even as ineffective a politician as Jimmy Carter understood that the presidency was more than the man occupying it and tried to comport himself appropriately. Bill Clinton either lost sight of that or never understood it and marred his own legacy by not being able to keep his pants zipped


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bills zipper never comcerned me too much. I agree the office of the presidency should be held to the highest standard. There are hundreds of other reasons that make the ML. thing almost not worth discussing. One small thing would be allowing the commerce department turn over sattelite launch tecnology that can be used for inter contintal ballistic missiles to the Chinese. Larry C.

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