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Location: Georgia, United States

I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Should have seen it coming--

I suppose everyone has a compulsion, a love, a pleasure that they really spend too much time and money on. Mine is books. I have four bookshelves in the living room and there are books on the shelf under a side table, one full and a partial shelf in the sewing room, a shelf in the hallway, a shelf in the kitchen, probably 100 books stacked in the extra bedroom, 40 or more books in stacks on the floor next to my bed, five or six books in my bathroom and at least a dozen and a half boxes full of books packed away. There are always books scattered around my house. I order regularly off Amazon, and my family carefully steers me away from bookstores if we are in a hurry, because they know time ceases to exist for me when I am around books.
I am usually actively reading two, if not three, books at a time. When I am working around my house, I carry a book with me, just in case I have a spare minute. I read when I fold clothes; even when I cook, I have a book open. My family teases me relentlessly about it.

My second daughter and my youngest daughter were sitting at the table in the kitchen today after lunch. I walked in and started looking around. My youngest daughter asked me what I was looking for and I told her that I had misplaced one of my books.
I saw the eye contact and the grins between the two of them and my second daughter put on her innocent face and said "Gee mom, how can you tell?"
I guess I should have seen it coming.


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