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Another look at it--

The stories on the terrorist bombings in London are beginning to fade off the news . A great many of the stories have made mention of how staunchly the Brits are handling themselves in spite of the attempt to spread fear and panic. People still going about their business, taking the tube and generally living their lives in defiance of those who want to terrorize them. Reporters and newscasters speak with admiration of British insouciance.

I agree that their behaviour has been more admirable than some other nations. But without wanting to take anything away from them, I would admit that my admiration level is only modest at best. I am waiting to see how they thoroughly they deal with terrorism in the long term.

I see four basic ways to react to terrorism:

Complicity is the first. I find it horrendous that there are nations and people that actively support and cooperate with those who murder for the sake of spreading fear. But it doesn't surprise me. Nations that support terrorism feel that there is an advantage of some sort or other to be gained. That's reality.

The second is appeasement. Complicity may be horrible, but I have no trouble understanding that there are various reasons why nations do it. But I find appeasement completely disgusting. How cowardly and venal it is to try to buy off vicious killers in the hope that they will leave you alone and go kill your neighbors instead.

The third is stoic acceptance. The attitude of "perhaps you can kill some of us, but you won't destroy our way of life" really is admirable, because terrorists do want to disrupt lives and spread fear and uncertainty. But I really don't see people who are willing to murder being so overcome with awe and respect by that attitude that they see the errors of their way and repent of their evil doings.

The fourth way--retribution. Not punishment, not vengeance, not retaliation, but capital letter Retribution. Make them pay. Extract a cost that is greater than anything that they gain from terrorist acts. Let future terrorists realize that there will always be a price to pay. Just for clarity's sake, retribution is not revenge. Revenge can be defined as payment for a slight or an insult. Retribution is the meting out of punishment for a crime or a wrong and is justly deserved based on the action done. Retribution requires careful thought, sometimes personal sacrifice, great effort and real strength of purpose.

Consider the four choices honestly, then decide which one will be truly effective. Retribution is the only one of the four choices that has any real possibility of stopping terrorism. It is the only functional choice. It is a willingness and an unshakeable determination to exact retribution that I personally find admirable. And I think it is the only thing that terrorists both understand and fear.


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