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Autumnal Equinox

We have had a long lovely summer in the South this year. One of the best in about a decade. No extremely high temperatures (for us that's over 100), enough rain to keep the weather people from whining about drought conditions, but not so much that you consider building an ark.

But for the last two days, there has been a low, gray cloud cover. The rain coming from it has varied from a soft mist to a moderately heavy downpour. Forecasters here are saying it is the remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy. But beyond that, I can feel a difference in the air, in the temperature. I think we have seen the last of summer here, even though the trees haven't really begun to change.

On one level, I find myself responding to it with some nostalgia. Hot apple cider, rich soups and stews, flannel lounging pajamas, breathing crisp air, not having to push myself to go out in the yard and work. There are a number of pleasures for the senses in the fall. Spring is my favorite season, but fall comes in a close second.

On another level, I find myself interested in the scientific aspect of the change of seasons. I was looking at different sites and found one that has a fascinating short movie that shows the tilt of the Earth as it goes through a year. I knew that the Earth tilting on it's axis was the cause of the seasons, but I did not realize how much of a tilt it was until I watched the movie on this site. If you're curious enough, (and patient enough) link to the site and click on Astronomy on the first page, click on Observational Astronomy on the second page, click on Seasons on the third page, then click on Autumnal Equinox on the fourth page. Go down that page and after the chart, there is a link for a QuickTime movie.


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