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I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Some Days--

My five-year old granddaughter began kindergarten this year. When my daughter went to pick her up Wednesday, her teacher said she had a story to tell her.

The teacher and her aide had taken the class for a bathroom break. All the other kids had come out, so the teacher stuck her head in the bathroom and asked Livy if she was finished. Livy told her in a minute, so the teacher asked the aide to take the others back to the classroom and she would wait on Livy.
The principal and another teacher stopped to talk to Livy's teacher for a minute and Livy finally came out of the bathroom. Her teacher asked her if everything was okay and Livy said,

"Yes, some days it's just harder to wipe your butt.


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