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Cut off at the Knees

After the House Republicans called Representative Murtha and the Democratic party's bluff on his proposed resolution for a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by presenting their own "cut and run" bill calling for an immediate withdrawal; the House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, tried to do what Democrats do best when faced with a fight. They tried to cut and run by blocking the motion so they could go home for the Thanksgiving holidays without having to vote on the Republican resolution.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters live-blogged the vote and at one point was concerned that the Democrats would succeed in blocking the motion and avoiding the vote. Every single Democrat voted to try and block the motion. But, ta-da, they didn't get away with it and were forced into a vote. The resolution for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq failed 403-3. (At least three Democrats had the courage of their convictions and voted what they truly believed. I can respect that even while I disagree with their opinion.)

The House Democrats are now crying "no fair, no fair" and accusing the Republicans of "politicizing the war". Either hypocrisy or stupidity on their part, but I am happy to hear them publicly voicing their complaints.

"Democrats said it was a political stunt and quickly decided to vote against it in an attempt to drain it of significance. "A disgrace," declared House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "The rankest of politics and the absence of any sense of shame," added Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 House Democrat. "

"Rank politics and no shame?" Why, Rep. Hoyer, don't be so jealous. I'm sure, given a little time, your party can come up with something more rank and shameless than this.

The Republicans, as a body politic, have finally done something I can admire, because it is something I would do.

I have always enjoyed playing the game (whatever it might be) by the rules my opponent sets for himself. And then winning.


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