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Location: Georgia, United States

I am me. More than I was, less than I will be. This is difficult. Facts-female, southern, mother and grandmother. Abstract-a Christian, a loner, intelligent, somewhat arrogant, impatient with stupidity, an unusual sense of humor.


Diamonds everywhere.

I got up about 5:00 this morning and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. I have a large bay window in my kitchen and the light coming through it was incredibly bright. I stepped over to look out .

Above the dark tree-line across the street, there was a full moon. It was very large and very bright against a perfectly clear, luminescent gray sky. That alone was spectacular to see.

But last night, we had our first frost of the season and the lawn and the bushes outside the window were covered with frost. The light from the moon was reflecting off each leaf and each blade of grass. And everywhere you looked, it seemed as if millions of diamonds had been scattered. I stood there for a while, focused completely on the intense and powerful beauty of it.

Even now, if I close my eyes, I can still see that breathtaking beauty of light, of moon, of diamonds made of frost.


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