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Paying attention to this---

Referencing the United Nations and the "International community's" desire to gain control over the internet-

TUNIS, Tunisia-UN Summit on the Information Society

"Since the latest round of talks began Sunday, the specific wording of the summit's draft declaration has evolved from "international management of the Internet," written by Pakistan, to far less specific language. "

"Washington set a course for confrontation when it declared in June that it will retain such oversight indefinitely, despite what many countries thought was a longstanding policy to one day completely turn the function over to ICANN."

I do not even want to think about what would happen if the UN and the "International Community" ever gained control of the Internet.

I have serious personal misgivings about their self-proclaimed concern over the differences between the haves and the have-nots. And the concept of certain foreign governments (China and Iran?) being given the ability to "police the Internet" would be completely ludicrous and almost unbelievable if it were not for the reality of Libya being given a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Robert Mugabe being invited to address the UN Summit on World Hunger because he knows what it is like to have a nation suffering from hunger (of course he knows, he and his thugs took land away from the white farmers and gave it to people who had no idea of how to manage and tend it.)

The countries leading the calls for control of the internet to be internationalised, under the aegis of the UN, are the same ones that have led the way in censoring their own citizens.
Remarkably, for a meeting called the World Summit on the Information Society, there will not be a single seminar or discussion panel held on freedom of expression. "The internet is not just a technical issue," Julian Bein, of the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, told The Independent yesterday. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/science_technology/article327341.ece

The fact that the world's largest and most corrupt bureauracracy, composed as it is of a number of oppressive regimes, wants control of the internet doesn't come as much of a surprise. I understand their motivation. They want to control the flow of information.

The fact that the United States is opposed to letting the internet pass into the control of the UN also doesn't surprise me. I understand their motivation. They don't want control to pass into the hands of countries who want to control the flow of information.

I admit to be somewhat surprised though, at the European Union's willingness not only to go along with the idea, but to actively work to make it happen.

The EU has been mediating between the United States and a group of countries including China and Iran that have sought to replace ICANN with a multi-country group under U.N. auspices.

Why? The most simplistic explanation is that the EU wants to replace the US as the dominant world power and feels that a step in accomplishing that goal is to remove control of the internet from the US. But are they so narrowly focused on that goal that they can't or won't see the potential negative consequences of having the UN controlling the internet? I'm not convinced.

Logic tells me that before a drastic step is taken, the process should be carefully thought out and the consequences seriously considered. Pros and cons weighed in the balance.

Personal experience tells me that I over-reach when I expect logical thought. There are few individuals and even fewer governments who use logic or even careful consideration of consequences. It seems to be all about political expediency. Or maybe it's financial expediency.

The untapped potential income to be generated from taxing the internet could be another incentive for the EU to take it away from the US.

Whatever their reasoning (if any), I can only hope that the United States holds to its intention to retain control for the foreseeable future.


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